2021: A very Fruitful Year for ReelFruit

This year has been a great year for ReelFruit on so many fronts; While reflecting on what a year 2021 has been, we can only be grateful for all we have been able to achieve and the many ways we have grown as a company. It would be impossible to list all the great moments, so we’ll share the highlights!

Show me the Money!

One of the most exciting things to happen to us this year was getting funding of $3 Million to expand our business operations, which will see us expand our factory capacity 5X. This is a dream our CEO has kept alive for 9 years and it validates our business model and all of the hard work the ReelFruit team has put in. We are very excited about what’s to come.

A New Look!

In case you don’t know, our packaging went from 0 to 100 this year. Literally. The best part about it was the positive feedback we got from our customers. We knew we created magic but all the feedback validated the countless hours we put into creating a cohesive brand packaging, while ensuring each product stands out on its own. Shout out Evoke Lagos (our branding agency) for bringing our vision to life!

Moving to Our Permanent Site

In 2020, we ran out of space in our former HQ and after 3 years there, it was time to move again. We found our new home in the heart of Yaba and trust us, it was love at first viewing, after many months of searching. Our favourite thing about it is the potential to accommodate our growing team. We are going to be here a while 😊.

Our First Ever Company Retreat

Whats a great way to recharge and re-strategize? A company wide retreat! Abeokuta was the perfect get away location for our first ever company retreat and not only were we able to plan for the rest of the year, we also had fun for the first time as a team. To put it into perspective, our team is sprawled across 3 regions and many team members met each other for the first time at the retreat! Another highlight of the trip was meeting former President, Olusegun Obasanjo!

Growing over 200% in One Year

What is better than matching the prior year’s revenue in just 7 months? Doubling the same revenue in 5 months! We saw an over 200% growth in our revenue this year and also expanded from being in 350 stores to close to 600 stores across Nigeria. We couldn’t be prouder of the Sales team for making it happen and constantly pushing their limit.

It wasn’t all roses and sunshine this year. We have had our fair share of challenges, we also had many challenges from the rising cost of raw materials and product stock outs, to our machines being stuck at the port for a whole Year! 2021 really threw everything at us but we hit the ground running every time. Every member of our team made it happen and we are excited to achieve more in 2022!

Thank you to all our customers who have trusted us and kept us in business. We wish you a wonderful festive season and a prosperous new year.




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